Women's Teams

Cold Cuts

Cold Cuts is a regionally competitive womxn's club team formed in 2014. We play in a fun and inclusive environment while working towards our competitive goals. To find out about our tryouts and pickup opportunities, check us out on fb, twitter, and instagram!

Facebook: Cold Cuts

Twitter: Cold Cuts

IG: Cold Cuts


Crackle is a competitive team with a growth mindset, we aim to grow every individuals skill set as well as the teams. If you'd like to know more about Crackle contact:
Lisel Caldwell: lisel.caldwell@gmail.com
Mattie Melin: mattiemelin@gmail.com
Emma Nicosia: emma.nicosia18@gmail.com


Pronounced " Go-zuh" we are a Minneapolis based women's masters ultimate team named after an aged kettle sour ale.

GOSE stands for "Growing Old, Staying Easy". We aren't sour about "growing old'. Spirit of the game is our aim so we are all about "staying easy" out on the field. However, don't underestimate us as we can shake our lemons in a dance circle like its 1999 or open a can of sour ale all over the game.

GOSE began in 2017 as a second women’s masters team to give the ladies in the area an opportunity to play good spirited competitive ultimate but also create a space for veterans of the sport or those newly introduced to the world of ultimate so we can all grow in our game skills, share our collective ultimate wisdom, and encourage in appropriate general shenanigans.

Gose Ultimate


POP has been Minnesota’s premier women’s club team since its inception in 2008. We travel to tournaments all over the country and annually compete in the USAU National Championship series. Based in the Twin Cities, POP is a team of women with a passion for growing as individual players whose idea of a great time is playing highly competitive team ultimate. We also really like each other.



Surly C.O.U.G.A.R.S

Surly C.O.U.G.A.R.S. (Collective of Ultimate Gals Aging Ridiculously Slowly) is the Minneapolis Women's Masters Ultimate team founded in 2013. With our powerful hind legs (proportionally the largest in the cat family), we used our leaping and short-sprint ability to represent the North Central region in the Women's Masters division. As always, we use our stalk-and-ambush style to put our paws on your plastic. As the second heaviest cat in the Western Hemisphere, those paws are heavy, but these aging predator hearts are light in the crepuscular hours when we search for young meat, beer and corn – our standard Midwest diet. Rawr.

Surly Cougars

The Matriarchy

Chill women's club team focused around learning with each other about ultimate and creating an environment where all levels of ladies feel comfortable trying new things and being themselves!