TCUL Code of Conduct

Players joining the TCUL leagues are expected to comply with the TCUL Code of Conduct. The TCUL Code of Conduct is an extension of the USA Ultimate Conduct Policy, which can be read here. While all parts of the USA Ultimate Conduct Policy are relevant to players of TCUL leagues, the on field conduct section IIIA is most relevant, and is quoted here verbatim:

Players and teams are expected to treat one another with respect, to conduct themselves in a safe and orderly manner, and, while playing, to adhere to the rules of ultimate as well as to any tournament and site regulations, including the USA Ultimate Policy on doping.  On-field violations may therefore include (with the clause being violated appearing in parentheses), but are not limited to, abusive heckling (respect), spiking the disc on another player (respect, safety), dangerous play (safety), spitting at another player (respect), cheating (rules), deliberate fouling (rules), reckless behavior at a tournament party (order, safety), drinking on the sidelines when prohibited (site regulations), taunting (respect), and violence against another player (respect, order, safety).

TCUL players are expected to play with a level of inclusiveness beyond what is expected by the USA Ultimate Conduct Policy. TCUL leagues are recreational leagues that strike a balance between competitiveness and being welcoming to all players.

  • Leagues include players of a variety of skill levels. While it is not expected that all players should get equal amounts of playing time, team captains should focus on equitable playtime. No players should be excluded from game play. It is the responsibility of all team players to make sure that all players get a reasonable share of the playing time, and are utilized on-field to the extent of their abilities. No player should be ridiculed on the basis of age, experience level, or physical capabilities.

  • Coed leagues include players of all genders. All players in co-ed leagues are expected to be respectful of players of all genders, and to play with them to the extent of their abilities. Players who do not play well with teammates of all genders are in violation of the code of conduct.  For more detail read the Statement on Appropriate Coed Ultimate from the TCUL board of directors.

  • Behavior that falls outside of the code of conduct may result in any of the following actions: a warning, suspension from game play for the remainder of a game, suspension from game play for a period of weeks as determined by the league coordinators, suspension from game play for the remainder of the league, penalized lottery position in the following years’ lottery, ineligibility in the following years’ lottery, etc..  

Captains are expected to alert all players on their team to the code of conduct, and council players that are not meeting the expectations of the code of conduct. If a captain is having trouble with a team member, they should consult the league coordinators for assistance. Players who feel excluded, threatened, or disrespected should alert their captain to the situation, and may contact the league coordinators if they feel the situation is not being adequately addressed.