Thanksgiving Hat Tournament

We're having the third annual Thanksgiving Hat tourney on Saturday November 24.

All the info is to be found at

Cost is $25 per person this year. I'll have bagels in the morning and each person is guaranteed 5 games with a possibility of 6 games if you make the finals or 3rd place game.

Please forward this info to anyone you know who might have interest even if you don't. Thanks!

I'm working on a party this year again... more info soon perhaps.

Fall League Party

This year's season party will be held on Saturday November 17 from 4-7 PM at the Surly Brewing Company. We'll have snacks, burrittos, and beverages. It's a great way to socialize with league buddies, to salute the end of the season, and to gear up for Winter League. Surly Brewing is kind enough to sponsor the festival, and will be serving their award-winning beer to those 21 and older.

Winter League Registration

Information regarding registration for Winter League 2008 can be found on the Winter League page. Please follow instructions carefully. This is a team league, and if you are an individual looking for a spot, please use the forums. Please email me asap if you have questions regarding your team's registration after reading all info.

Tom Walker, Winter League Coordinator

Fall League Playoff Rankings

Keep in mind that the final rankings for determining the playoff brackets for Fall League are determined by averaging teams' RRI ("WCS") and KRACH league rankings. The current calculation of this cumulative ranking for playoff bracketing will be updated and displayed at

Fall League Weather Policy

In the event of poor weather, you'll probably have to show up anyway. Games will be canceled only due to lightning or hypothermia-inducing rain, but 99% of the time it's impossible to cancel the games that far in advance. Should it be possible one or more hours before the games, the commissioner will email captains and start a phone tree to initiate cancellation.

If there's lightning, the captains should call the game immediately. There may or may not be any league organizer present. *Later* games can still start, if and when there is no lightning in the vicinity.


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