Fall League Weather Policy

In the event of poor weather, you'll probably have to show up anyway. Games will be canceled only due to lightning or hypothermia-inducing rain, but 99% of the time it's impossible to cancel the games that far in advance. Should it be possible one or more hours before the games, the commissioner will email captains and start a phone tree to initiate cancellation.

If there's lightning, the captains should call the game immediately. There may or may not be any league organizer present. *Later* games can still start, if and when there is no lightning in the vicinity.

Fall League Waivers

All TCUL players are required to fill out a waiver. You can check your waiver status by logging in. Once logged in, you will be able to submit waiver online or print out a paper waiver if you are not a legal adult.

Summer League Champions

Congratulations to all the summer league champions! Check out each league page for full final standings.

Tuesday Co-ed Rec

  • Championship Pool: Big Stone
  • B Pool: Isanti
  • C Pool: Itasca

Thursday Co-ed Advanced

  • Championship Pool: Schoolcraft
  • B Pool: Father Hennepin

Women's League

  • Bikini Kill

Men's League

  • GoldBergStein

TCUL Party Reminder

The TCUL Party is August 4, 2007. See the news bulletin below for details. We have plenty of indoor space at the Surly Brewery so we will be celebrating rain or shine!

Fall League Registration

Get Your Fall Team Together

We may be experiencing an endless string of hot, 90 degree days, but fear not! Fall league is fast approaching.


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