Blue with a touch of yellow
Benjamin L Herman
Ellory Roske
Playoff Pool: 
Julie Bender
Kelsey Daly
Darielle Gengler
Katie Johnson
Ellory Roske
Merritt Swain
Patch Thao
Anna Williams
Eric C Alexander
Casey L Dickinson
Ben Finkelstein
Cory Gloe
Will Harrison
Benjamin L Herman
Peter McGarraugh
Arbor Otalora-Fadner
Jesse Peterson-Brandt
Micah Peterson-Brandt
Ben Roske
Brian Swann
William Tully
Date Time Team Score Team Score Location Field Edit
Sep 09 03:20 pm South Squall B 15 Moonshiners 10 Lake Nokomis c
Sep 16 03:20 pm Fake News Team 12 Moonshiners 13 Lake Nokomis f
Sep 23 03:20 pm Moonshiners 14 Kirby Huckit 10 Lake Nokomis a
Sep 30 03:20 pm THIS IS NOT A GAME 5 Moonshiners 15 Lake Nokomis e
Oct 07 03:20 pm Spirit hug 4 Moonshiners 15 Lake Nokomis b
Oct 14 03:20 pm Moonshiners 15 Tryhard 8 Lake Nokomis g
Oct 21 03:20 pm Moonshiners 15 Triple Plaid 11 Lake Nokomis d
Oct 28 03:20 pm Moonshiners 15 Triple Plaid 8 Lake Nokomis h
Nov 04 12:40 pm Moonshiners 11 Big Bad Wood 10 Lake Nokomis a