DISCpicable Me

Cory Orman
Darrin Kraines
Playoff Pool: 
Christine A Claflin
Bonnie Nord
Michelle L Orman
Alisha Otteson
Chelsea Pettit
Lexy L Spangrud
Ellen Wright
Darrin Kraines
Adam C Lapp
Kyle Nelson
Lukas Nord
Cory Orman
Jeff Otteson
Zach E Peterson
Sean Prichard
Perry J Smith
Chase A Straight
Bryan M Thompson
Date Time Team Score Team Score Location Field Edit
Sep 09 01:40 pm Flame 7 DISCpicable Me 11 Lake Nokomis a
Sep 16 01:40 pm DISCpicable Me 3 BreakFast W/... 13 Lake Nokomis d
Sep 23 01:40 pm DISCpicable Me 15 Huck, Huck, Gray... 5 Lake Nokomis f
Sep 30 01:40 pm Risk it for the... 15 DISCpicable Me 2 Lake Nokomis h
Oct 07 01:40 pm Cash Rules... 15 DISCpicable Me 7 Lake Nokomis b
Oct 14 12:00 pm Oedipus and the... 8 DISCpicable Me 11 Lake Nokomis c
Oct 21 01:40 pm Not Sure Yet 10 DISCpicable Me 6 Lake Nokomis d
Oct 28 12:00 pm DISCpicable Me 11 Wombat Dart CLub 10 Lake Nokomis e
Oct 28 01:40 pm DISCpicable Me 1 Papal Addiction 2 Lake Nokomis e
Nov 04 08:40 am Hucks and Kisses 13 DISCpicable Me 10 Lake Nokomis f