2018 Fall League

League Type: 
Registration Opens: 
2018-08-01 09:00
League Starts: 
2018-09-09 to 2018-11-04
Game Time: 
Sunday 12:00pm
Lake Nokomis
Cedar Ave & E 50th St
Minneapolis, MN 55417

Fall League 2018


Registration begins on August 1st at 9am. The league has space for a maximum of 48 teams in 2018. The first 48 RETURNING teams to register, pay, and roster a minimum of 6 men and 6 women will be guaranteed a spot in the league. New teams are also eligible to register, pay, and roster their players starting August 1st but will not secure a spot in the league until the priority registration period (8/1 - 8/14) ends for returning teams.

Therefore, all new teams that want to play in the league should register and pay as soon as possible beginning August 1st at 9am. Beginning at midnight on August 15th, the league will accept new teams based upon 1) the number of available spots in the league, 2) the recorded time-stamp of payment in the registration process, and 3) verification of six players of each gender on the roster (per above). Registration ends on August 31st or when the league reaches 48 teams, whichever comes first.

The cost per team is $350. The league requires teams to pay through the registration website via PayPal.

Free Agents (aka: I Need A Team)

Fall League is a team-based format, so individual players can not sign up on their own. Those looking for teams have several resources available to them such as: 1) Asking teammates on your summer team if they play in Fall League and whether they need additional players; 2) Going to pickup ultimate games [there are many] and getting to know other players, again, asking if there is a need; 3) Posting your availability on the TCUL Facebook page. It's worth mentioning that most teams have plenty of men so it is hard to find a spot for just one guy. However, we suspect that most captains would be open to a man/woman combo so if you're a guy looking for a team, recruit a lady to play in the league and you'll increase your chances of finding a roster spot.


Fall League will run from Sunday September 9th through November 4th. Playoffs begin on October 28th with the championship tournament concluding Fall League on November 4th. All games are played at the Lake Nokomis Fields. Regular season game times will be played during three time slots between noon and 4:45pm. Since players often want to plan their fall weekends in advance, we try to schedule based upon rankings since the actual matchups don't get posted until mid-week. Teams with lower rankings will tend to have games in the early time slots, teams with middle rankings during the middle time slot, and upper ranked teams in the late time slot. Games go from 12-noon to 1:25pm, 1:40pm to 3:05pm, and 3:20pm to 4:45pm. Same as last year, all games played in the final (3:20pm) time slot must enter a soft cap at 4:45pm and hard cap by 5pm (see timecap rules below). Rankings will change weekly based upon game results. To start the season, rankings will be determined by the Fall League board. Please read and familiarize yourself with the league rules.

Changes since 2017

Changes to league policies or rules from 2017 are shown in red text below.


Waivers must be on file for every player on your team. As a team captain, you are responsible for making sure that every player has signed a waiver, either electronically or via turning in a paper waiver. After Week 2, teams will not be allowed to play unless all registered players have submitted a signed waiver. Players may turn in a signed paper waiver (https://mnultimate.org/files/waiver.pdf) to Frisbee Central or they can sign their waiver online by logging in.


The following rules apply regarding rosters:

  • All players must be properly registered on a team to play with a signed waiver. It is the captain's responsibility to ensure that all players are properly listed on the roster - no exceptions! Players not on your roster are treated as substitute players, who must be announced to and agreed upon by the opposing captain (or acting captain) prior to each game. Per the substitute player rules below, failure to comply may result in a forfeit of any and all games played with unapproved players.
  • Captains can only select players that are registered with TCUL. You can no longer merely enter a name and email address to fill roster spots. If a player is not registered, it is the captain's responsibility to encourage new players to register with the league and sign the online waiver.
  • Players are only allowed to play on one team; a player can only be on one roster. The league enforces this rule for two reasons: 1) to encourage as many players as possible to play in the league; 2) so teams are not artificially better during the season due to players who will not be able to play with them during the playoffs, thus causing uneven matchups during the final tournament.
  • All players on a team's roster must play a minimum of two games in order to qualify to play during the playoffs (i.e. no ringers just for the playoffs) unless a team is savage
  • Fall League encourages teams to fill their rosters with players that are available for the majority of the season. Try not to have too many club players on your team, as it is not fair other teams if you are dominant one week and barely able to find enough players the next. See the section below titled Fall League Variations from USAU Rules for additional details about substitute players.
  • TCUL Fall League adopted the USA Ultimate policy regarding transgender identification. Players may select if they previously met the Minnesota State High School League (MSHSL) requirements. If you have questions about what gender to select when you register with the league, please contact the Fall League Board for advice. The Board has the discretion to make exceptions as needed, on a case-by-case basis.
  • Rosters must be finalized prior to October 1st. Prior to that date, players may be added to or deleted from a team's roster. Beginning October 1st, rosters will be frozen as-is for the remainder of the season without exception.
  • Captains are strongly encouraged to use Google Docs or similar to manage rosters from week to week, so that they know when they will be short on players.

Fall League Variations from USAU Rules

All USAU 11th Edition rules apply to Fall League with the following exceptions:

  • Equipment Timeouts Players are able to call a brief equipment timeout which does not count as a team timeout
  • Substitute Players A savage-plus-two rule applies throughout the regular season while the traditional savage-plus-one rule applies for playoffs. This means that subs are only allowed in order to bring a team to a maximum of 6 men and 5 women during the regular season, and a maximum of 5 men and 4 women during the playoffs. Subs must be of equal skill to the player being replaced and must be announced to and agreed upon by the opposing captain (or acting captain) prior to the game. If the team already has 5 men or 4 women available to play, then subs are not allowed. This rule trumps the two game requirement below. If a rostered player will be showing up late for the game, the captains can agree to a temporary sub. However, once the rostered player arrives the sub must stop playing. Failure to gain agreement from the opposing captain prior to the game for a substitute (non-rostered) player is grounds for the game to be forfeited, at the discretion of the Fall League Board.
  • Two Game Minimum All registered players must play in a minimum of two Fall League games during the regular season in order to be eligible during the playoffs. While this is a tough rule to enforce, the league will rely upon the honor system and verification from opposing captains if necessary. The intent of this rule is to encourage teams to generate a relatively consistent level of play throughout the regular and post seasons, and to prevent club players from showing up only for the playoffs.
  • Time Cap All games are to a score of 15, point-capped at 17 unless the game's scheduled end time is reached first. Time caps are enforced for all games played during all time slots.
    • Fifteen minutes before the start of the next scheduled game, the time cap is applied. For clarity, time caps begin at 1:25pm, 3:05pm, and 4:45pm for each respective slot.
    • Finish the scoring attempt when the time cap begins. If one team is ahead by two or more after the point is completed, the game is over. Otherwise, set a point-cap of leading score +1.
      • For clarity, a scoring attempt starts when the previous goal is scored so if "in between points" the pull should be thrown and a score recorded before applying the point-cap, if necessary.
    • If the game has not finished by the time the next round is scheduled to begin, play will end at the next change of possession even if that means a tie. Your game is no more important than the next game scheduled to be played or the board member waiting to take home all of the cones.
    • Timeouts are not allowed once the time cap is scheduled to begin (i.e. no tim