2017 Masters League

League Type: 
Registration Opens: 
2017-03-31 09:00
League Starts: 
2017-06-05 to 2017-08-16
Game Time: 
Monday, Wednesday 6:15pm
St Paul Academy
1712 Randolph Avenue
St Paul, MN 55105
Old Couple

General Information

Below are some general facts about Year #2 of Masters League in TCUL, some of which will be explained in detail further down on this page. Keep in mind that the goal of Masters League is to provide an opportunity for older players to continue playing the game against players of similar skill and age. Spirit Of The Game is expressly encouraged, along with post-game cheers, and compassion for fellow players:


  • Eligibility:
    • Women 30+ by 12/31/2018
    • Men 33+ by 12/31/2018
  • Co-ed
  • Rosters will be 10 men / 7 women (one more of each gender than regular TCUL summer leagues)
  • Season runs from May/June to August; games at 6:15pm
  • Games will be played on a weeknight TBD  
  • Locations:  St. Paul Academy & TBD
  • Cost = $TBD (includes fields, t-shirt, and other wonderful things such as insurance, Paypal fees, cones, ice packs, etc.)
  • Most importantly, you DO NOT need to be in shape to play Masters League. Use it as a way to stay in shape, get in shape, or form a new shape!


Registration begins on March 15th at 9am - the same time as all summer leagues. Similar to the Tue/Thur leagues, we will employ the lottery system for registration. Players may select carpool partners. If you would like to captain, please indicate so during the registration process. Volunteering to captain does not guarantee a spot in the lottery. ** If the website says that registration is OPEN but you don't see the "Register" button on this page, check your account profile to make sure your correct birth year is displayed. Players not recognized as being 30+ years old will not see the "Register" button.


Every effort will be made to refund registration fees if a player realizes that they can no longer play. However, once the draft occurs (typically 2-3 weeks before play begins) refunds will not be issued.

Schedule / Timing

Masters League will run from TBD to TBD. Fields will be available at 6pm with all games beginning at 6:15pm. We need to be off the fields by 8:30pm so there will be a hard cap at 8:20pm. Once the current scoring attempt is completed, the game ends unless the score is tied. If tied, play continues until one additional goal is scored (universe point). There will be no game during the Fourth of July week. Playoffs occur during the last two weeks with the top four teams playing one another, the middle four teams playing one another, and the bottom three playing one another. Each team will play most of the other teams at least once.


Games will be played at St. Paul Academy, located at 1712 Randolph Avenue. Games will be played on the upper field, situated on the SE corner of the campus at the intersection of Davern Street and Hartford Avenue. Field configuration can be found at the bottom of this page as an attachment (look just above the google map of SPA) . There are big parking lots on the north side of the campus as well as street parking available closer to the fields. Our permit restricts us to parking in the lot and only on the school sides of Davern Street and Hartford Avenue. If players disregard this, neighbors will complain and we will lose the fields. Below are additional stipulations of our field contract with SPA. Please follow these or risk expulsion from Masters League:

  • No dogs allowed on school grounds
  • No alcohol, tobacco, or drugs (this is a school)
  • Keep the fields clean after your games. Follow the campsite rule used for dating and camping: leave the premises better than you found them
  • Do not linger at the fields after the permit time and keep the noise level down, for the quiet enjoyment of SPA's neighbors


Normal summer league rosters contain nine men and six women (9M/6F). Knowing that masters league is comprised of more parents and players with diminishing stamina, we added one of each gender to the rosters (10M/7F). This should also help with players that can’t play on Mondays or Wednesdays.


The draft will likely occur on the same day as the Men's League draft.


All USAU 11th Edition rules apply to Masters League (including the ability to play zone defense all season) with the following exception:

  • Players are able to call a brief equipment timeout which does not count as a team timeout
  • Children can play some points with a parent, subject to a pre-game captains agreement
  • Players self-identify their birth year via the TCUL website, therefore we generally follow the honor system for age verification. If a player or substitute player's age is questioned, one of the captains can ask a Masters Board member to verify age before or immediately after a game. In such a case, yes, we will card you. For 2018, your birth year must be 1985 for men or 1988 for women
  • Substitute players are allowed regardless of a team being savage or not. Captains should get a sense of how many points their players are capable or willing to play, and find suitable subs accordingly. The goal should be to maximize playing time for those that paid and want to play. Subs must meet all of the masters requirements and should not be a high caliber player. Subs are meant to supplement a team struggling with numbers, not to enhance a team's chances of winning. All subs should be announced to the opposing captain(s) before the game, preferably by email or text but in person if necessary.
  • The receiving team will determine if the current point will be played with 4 men and 3 women or 4 women and 3 men. The pulling team must match the gender ratio of the receiving team (the "Offense Decides Rule"). If the pulling team has 4 women or less available to play, they do not need to match
  • On Field 1, if a disc hits the tree that hangs over the field it remains in play. If a disc is caught after touching the tree, it remains in play. If the disc subsequently hits the ground, it is a turnover.


The league will employ a bracket playoff system, the same as the other summer leagues.


Weather Policy

Who doesn't love a good thunderstorm or a fun mud game? Well, old people and neither does SPA. We will follow the motto of "If you can see it (lightning) flee it; if you can hear it (thunder), clear it." The best place to avoid getting struck by lightning is in a bar. Please head to one. SPA will notify the league by 2pm if the fields are too wet/muddy for games to be played. We will get out a notice on the TCUL website and Facebook pages to announce all cancelations.

Child Care

The league made many attempts to find a good solution for parents with kids. Due to insurance and liability issues, we are not able to provide child care. Our next goal was to find kid-friendly fields. We had several optimal fields with playgrounds but none were available. The SPA school does have a small playground area containing a climbing rock, a swing set, and a basketball hoop. The lower fields also have ample play space (if not used by other leagues) and are surrounded by fencing to keep children from running into the streets. If you bring your children to games, please make sure that they stay within sight of your team and/or make at least one player/parent on each team available to keep an eye on them throughout the game. Bringing supplies for group games (soccer ball, Frisbee, etc.) could be a good solution.

Lost & Found

Please give any abandoned items to a Board member (see below) and conversely, email the league with any Lost & Found inquiries. All Lost & Found items will be displayed next to the shotput fence in the NW corner of the ultimate fields.

The After Bar

The official Master's league bar is Tiffany Sports Lounge.  It's located at 2051 Ford Pkwy, St Paul, MN 55116.  Please wait until at the bar to enjoy adult beverages and the like. School grounds are never a place to imbibe.

The Board

Masters League came together with a lot of hard work from Geoff Daniel, Carole Norris, Andrew Barry, and Andy Kahn in addition to other TCUL board members. Feel free to congratulate us, berate us, or offer kind suggestions for league improvement. We can also take lost & found items if they are brought to our attention, or verify ages upon request.