Women's Indoor Hat Tournament

Who: Ultimate Frisbee women wanting to have fun indoors, throwing a disc, wearing their cleats, meeting some new folks, running around for the day.

What: Women's Indoor Ultimate Frisbee in a 5 team Round Robin tournament. Ladies, sign up asap to ensure this will be fully filled by women. If by November 20 we are not full, we will convert to a mixed tournament and open the remaining spots to men.

When: Saturday December 5, 2015. Games will start at 8am and end by 2pm. Each team is guaranteed 4 one hour long games.

Where: Student Recreational Sports Dome at the University of Minnesota. Bring your cleats, this is turf!

Why: Why not? $30 will get you drafted onto a team. You'll be guaranteed at least four hours of play. The top 4 teams after pool play will get one more playoff game where #1 will play #2 and #3 will play #4 such that 80% of the players will get 5 games/5 hours of play.

Register right now if you're interested. We will draft teams to create as fair and fun of a tournament as possible.