Summer League Registrations

Registration for summer leagues begins at 9am on March 15. We will be using the lottery to determine spots for Men in Tuesday and Thursday Co-ed Leagues. Some things to be aware of about registration this year:

  • The lottery is weighted according to the date that you register. The time of day does not matter. Everyone that registers on March 15 will have the same chance of being selected. The lottery is open through March 18.
  • On your registration, for each league you will be asked if this is your preferred, secondary (would like to play both if possible), or backup league (only want to play this if you don't get in your preferred league). If you specify multiple leagues as your primary, we will pick one at random.
    You will not have to pay for a backup league. However, you must ensure that you have registered for another league as your primary league.
  • In order to help us determine the jersey size mix for future leagues, we are asking for a preferred jersey size.This is no way should be construed as a guarantee that you will get a jersey in that size. Jerseys are ordered before registration opens.

In addition, you will be able to purchase a disc at a reduced price of $9 during registration. This will guarantee you a disc (assuming you get into a league). There will be a very small number of discs for sale during the season.