New Years Hat Tournament

I know it's a hectic time around the holidays, but we do have a few spots left for the hat tournament next Saturday (8 days from now on January 3). This will be an open tournament. There will be no gender requirements on the field, so you may find yourself matching up against the opposite gender. FIRST COME FIRST SERVED!

Who: Ultimate Frisbee players wanting to have fun indoors, throwing a disc, meeting some new folks, running around for the day.

What: Open Indoor Ultimate Frisbee in a 5 team Round Robin tournament. This is 5 on 5 ultimate (all genders welcome) on hard rubberized field house surface.

When: Saturday January 3, 2015. Games will start at 5pm and end at 10pm. Each team is guaranteed 4 hour long games

Where: Bethel Indoor Fieldhouse. Same location as winter league and pre-winter league. Hard rubberized surface. Tennis shoes, not cleats.

Why: WHY NOT? $25 will get you drafted onto a team. You'll be guaranteed 4 games.

Register now if you're interested. There will be a draft to pick the teams (not random). You can sign up with one carpool buddy in the system. Reply with any questions!