Indoor Hat Tournament

Set a calendar reminder to register 9am Tuesday December 3. Spots will fill quick!

Who: Ultimate Frisbee players wanting to have fun indoors, throwing a disc, meeting some new folks, running around for the evening.

What: Coed (3 men/2 women) Indoor Ultimate Frisbee in a 5 team tournament.

When: Saturday December 14. Games will start at 6pm and end at 11pm with one bye.

Where: Bethel Indoor Fieldhouse. Same location as winter league and pre-winter league. Hard rubberized surface. Tennis shoes, not cleats.

Why: WHY NOT? $20 will get you drafted onto a team. You'll be guaranteed 4 games.

Register at 9am on Tuesday Dec 3, 2013 to get in. Spots will fill VERY quickly. There will be a draft to pick the teams (not random). Caliber of play will likely be similar to Pre-Winter League. You can sign up with one 'carpool' buddy in the system. Email for questions.