2013 Men's Round Robin Hat Tournament

Who: Ultimate Frisbee players (men only--Women, sign up for the Bethel event listed right below this) wanting to have fun indoors, throwing a disc, meeting some new folks, running around for one day.

What: A men's Indoor 5 team round robin tournament benefiting the U of M Ninjas.

When: January 05, 2013. Games will start at noon and end at 5pm with one bye per team.

Where: University of Minnesota Student Recreational Sports Dome (turf, 7on7 bring CLEATS).

Why: WHY NOT? $20 will get you drafted onto a team. You'll be guaranteed 4 games.

Register RIGHT NOW! :) Spots will fill VERY quickly. There will be a draft to pick the teams (not random). You can sign up with one 'carpool' buddy in the system. Email Tom Walker for questions. Pat Niles will be the tournament director at the event.