Co-ed Teams

Bird Ultimate

Bird Ultimate was hatched in 2012. The flock values using all players on our roster and cultivating an environment where our players can grow, trust, and thrive. Bird is committed to equity, democracy, and the ongoing development of every player. We aim to elevate all voices and experiences on our team and attribute our success to the flock’s dedication, focus, and energy. We are always striving for the next challenge, and are looking for new Birds to join us in 2019 who want to fly higher together.

Drag'n Thrust

Drag'n Thrust is a mixed ultimate team from Minneapolis that is headed into it's 11th ultimate season. Drag'n has three National Championships, one Club Worlds Title, and finished 6th at last year’s National Championship. Drag'n Thrust values trust, hard work, individual growth, spirit, equity, and lifelong relationships! Our balance of ages and personalities keeps Drag’ns coming back to tryouts year after year. Drag’n is looking for new players with a passion for ultimate and who want to go all-in. We all love talking about the team (and frisbee in general) so don't hesitate to ask us any questions you may have!


Melt is a brand-spanking NEW competitive mixed team based, like everyone else, in Minneapolis and St Paul. We value hard work, equity, and unbridled enthusiasm above all else. Ultimate isn’t just a hobby- it’s a passion, and Melt is the perfect pot for passionate people to proliferate.

Melt Ultimate

Minnesota Star Power

Minnesota Star Power is a mixed ultimate team based in Minneapolis that attracts competitive, hard working athletes while also maintaining a supportive and equitable culture. MSP values passion and commitment, spirited play, and positive attitudes layered in fun. This season, MSP desires players who demonstrate a team-first mentality, defensive intensity, selfless play, and the ability to play consistently and inclusively with all teammates. Coming off a strong season, Minnesota Star Power is looking to break into the next level and will be a force to be reckoned with going into 2019.

Mojo Jojo

Since our inaugural year in 2014, Mojo Jojo has seen progress year after year. As a team; we emphasize an intense defensive base, offensive inclusion, consistent and high-quality practice, individual and team improvement, and growing a team culture of love & support. We are looking for players who fit both our play style and our team culture: players who prioritize defense and demonstrate a high ultimate IQ; and players who exude a high level of competition while still maintaining spirit of the game towards teammates and opponents. We are a team that picks each other up to make sure we're more than the sum of our parts.

No Touching!

Steve Holt!

No Touching!


Mixed ultimate team from the Twin Cities focusing on two things. Pandamentals and Fundamonium. CHOMP!