Lottery Results Are In!

I got a golden ticket!

In effort to be more transparent you can read about the complete lottery process here

To see your lottery status for the your leagues log into your account, click the My Account button on the top task bar (below Home), and select the Registrations tab.  Under 2018 you will see league registrations (in addition to the lottery registration you already created).  Press the View link on each of these league registrations.  The 3rd item in your registration will be Lottery

The lottery statuses are determined by our estimates for the league sizes based on last year's numbers.  The statuses are...

  • Selected ... you are in the league unless we shrink the league by more than 2 teams
  • Standby ... you might be in the league depending on our final numbers
  • Not Selected ... you most likely will not be in the league barring an expansion of more than 2 teams or a lot of cancellations

If the past is any indication, the number of teams we have for our co-ed leagues will be based on the number of women who register.   Starting tomorrow (March 20, 2018) is the open registration period for Mens league (runs on Thursday nights at the same time as our Co-Ed Advanced League) and for women to participate in our co-ed leagues.  Please help us spread the word so we can have our most successful season to date!

Changes for Thursday Co-Ed Advanced Captains

This year, there will be no carpools allowed for Thursday Co-Ed Advanced captains (non-captains can still carpool).  You can have a captain and co-captain, but we will not be accepting 3 and 4 person groups pre-draft for Thursday Co-Ed Advanced.  This change does not affect the other leagues.

2018 Kickoff

On March 15th, men interested in playing in one of our 3 co-ed offerings ...

  • Masters League - Monday
  • Co-Ed Rec - Tuesday
  • Co-Ed Advanced - Thursday

... can create a Lottery regstration.  More information on that can be found here - 2018 Summer League Lottery

This will last through March 18th.  The lottery will be run on March 19th and reported so men have an idea of their status.

2018 TCUL Summer League Lottery/Registration - March 15

Summer ultimate is just around the corner! And with that comes the process of registering for summer league to get your flying plastic fix for the summer. This year TCUL will have 4 different league offerings: 

TCUL 2018 Design

Design a disc

We are currently looking for new TCUL Summer League 2018 designs! The winner of the selected design will win complimentary league membership (for one league) and one free disc!

 * Deadline is March 1st.
 * Must include "TCUL Summer League 2018" in the design.
 * Must fit the Discraft art requirements to be eligible.  They can be found at

Please submit your disc designs to


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