To all TCUL players in our current summer leagues:
We want to capture some of the fun you're having playing in our Ultimate leagues.  Thus, we've decided to host a weekly photo/caption competition this year!  One lucky winner will be selected by the Board each week for the best photo/caption combo and will be given a swag prize. 
Photos should be taken at a league game (on field action or sideline antics) and MUST include a caption (min. 1 word) and the hashtag #TCULPlayOfTheDay. Please no inappropriate language, gestures, or alcohol. (Ideally, something you would be proud to show your mother!)

Post this caption/upload photo to our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/MNUltimate/ for consideration!  Entries are due on a rolling basis (no repeats) by Friday night, following each week of league games. One winner will be selected and announced each weekend, and that person can pick up their swag prize at Biff's the following week.