Summer league registration opens Friday, March 15!

Registration and men’s lottery opens Friday, March 15. The lottery for men will remain open through March 22. General registration will remain open until April 15. Men registering for a co-ed league should sign up for the lottery and select your preferred league and number of leagues you would like to play in since it will be unlikely that men registering after the lottery will make it into a co-ed league. Available summer leagues are listed below.

  • Tuesday Co-Ed Rec (recreational league geared toward all levels of skill, with focus on learning and fun)
    • Tuesday evenings at 6:45pm, at the National Sports Center in Blaine. Runs 14 weeks, starting May 14  and wrapping up August 13
  • Thursday Co-Ed Advanced (geared toward intermediate and advanced levels of skill, with focus on strategy and competition)
    • Thursday evenings at 6:45pm, at the National Sports Center in Blaine. Runs Runs 14 weeks, starting May 16 and wrapping up August 15
  • Master’s League (geared toward Master’s level players of all levels. Master’s age is 33 for men and 30 for women)
    • Monday evenings at 6:00 in St. Paul (Battle Creek Middle School). Runs 14 weeks, starting May 13 and wrapping up August 12
  • Men’s League (geared toward men of all skill levels, although the league does slant more towards the competitive end of the spectrum, but there is plenty of opportunity to learn for players with less experience)
    • Thursday evenings at 6:45pm, at the National Sports Center in Blaine. Runs Runs 14 weeks, starting May 16 and wrapping up August 15
    • There is no lottery for participating in Men’s League as there is no capacity limit for the league. If you’re a man registering for summer leagues and want a guaranteed league to play in, this is the one to choose.

Changes to the Lottery Process

NEW THIS YEAR: Due to feedback from last year’s summer league participants and to encourage increased participation in our leagues, we are implementing a change in our lottery process. Starting this summer, men who register for a coed league and are a carpool with a reciprocated, paid woman will be exempted from the lottery for a maximum of one league. In order for the man in the man/woman carpool to be exempted from the lottery process, he will have to register during the lottery period (March 15-22), pay, and specify the woman as his linked carpool. During the lottery registration period (March 15-22), the woman he is carpooling with must also register, pay, and reciprocate the carpool linkage. Once the lottery registration period is complete, exemptions will not be possible; for the man to be exempted, it is critical both he and the reciprocating woman in his carpool register and pay before the lottery closes on March 22. After the lottery has completed, registrations for all leagues will remain open until close of registration on April 15. Women will be able to register to play in leagues post-lottery while men can register for any coed leagues after the lottery but will only be allocated into those leagues if there is space. The exception to this is Men's league, which has no space limit.

Some quick housekeeping notes on this change... it applies to all coed leagues, but a man may only use the exemption for his primary league. If a man registers for more than one coed league, even if he is linked to a woman carpool in all his registered leagues, he will only be exempted from the lottery for his primary league. Additionally, if a man registers for more than one league, and his primary league does not have a woman carpool, he will not be a part of the exemption process for secondary/additional leagues. Exemptions only apply to your primary league. Man/man linked carpools are not a part of the exemption process and each individual will enter the lottery individually. The carpool link will be honored if both men get into the same league, but men in a man/man carpool will be treated individually from a lottery perspective. Woman/woman carpools are not involved in the lottery process.

Captains Training

Also new this year, we will be providing training to remind our veteran captains of our policies and captains’ responsibilities, but also help NEW captains understand what is expected of our summer league captains. We’d love to see some new folks, especially women, volunteer as summer league captains! We invite you to indicate your interest in captaining when you register for summer league. Please note, in order to participate as a captain for any of our leagues, attending one of our captains training sessions will be mandatory. Multiple dates will be offered. Dates and locations are still being finalized, but will be published when available.

Women’s League

Also, also new this year, TCUL is looking to facilitate a women’s league mid-April to mid-May. The intent of this league is to encourage female-identifying players of all ages and experience levels to participate in fun, spirited, and competitive Ultimate frisbee games. A secondary goal of this league is to increase awareness of Ultimate frisbee in our community, prior to the summer league season. Location and other details are TBD, but we anticipate one game per week, likely early Sunday afternoons. A skills clinic may be added onto one week, intended for beginner to intermediate-level players. The TCUL Board is committed to promoting the sport and will be covering many of the costs for this league and skills clinic; however, participants will be asked to pay a registration fee to help cover field rental costs. If you have any suggestions for this women’s spring league or are interested in joining a committee to help with planning efforts, please email us at

Submit Disc Designs

We are currently looking for new TCUL Summer League 2019 designs! The winner of the selected design will win complimentary league membership (for one league) and one free disc!
* Deadline is March 8th.
* Must include "TCUL Summer League 2019" in the design.
* Must fit the Discraft art requirements to be eligible. They can be found at
Please submit your disc designs to