2019 Lottery Has Been Drawn!

…and the 2019 summer coed lottery for men has been drawn! Men who participated in the lottery can check their account to look at the registration status for each of the coed leagues that were registered for. In the lottery position column for each league on your registrations page, you should see your lottery number. This is where you were drawn in the lottery for each of the leagues. With our league sizes contingent upon the number of women registrants we have by April 15, we'll be updating whenever a new group of lottery numbers have been added into a league (the exception to this is Masters league, which is capped at 12 teams, so this league will not grow beyond that size). Based upon initial registration numbers for women who have registered during the lottery period, there are currently enough women to support 8 Masters teams, 16 Tuesday rec teams, and 6 Thursday advanced teams. What this means is that the following lottery numbers are currently "in" for our three coed leagues:

  • Master's League: numbers 1 through 80
  • Tuesday League: numbers 1 through 144
  • Thursday league: numbers 1 through 54

As we have more women register (and hopefully there will be many!), we will update these numbers. Lottery blocks will be admitted in groups of 20 for Master's and groups of 18 for Tuesday and Thursday since we have to have enough women registrations come in to support 2 full teams at a time. You may also see your lottery number decrease (which is good!) if individuals have to cancel their registrations and drop from the league.

If you have a pretty high number or are just looking for some additional ultimate this summer, we would like to promote our men's league which plays on Thursdays. It was a 12 team league last year and we'd like to get to that size again, or even surpass it! The men's league has grown in size by 2 teams each of the last three years, so let's see if we can do it again this year.

If there are any questions or concerns about the results of the lottery, please email TCUL@mnultimate.org.

We'll keep everyone updated as we receive more women registrations and can increase the lottery numbers that are admitted into league. We will also be reaching out to those who have volunteered to be potential captains. Note: If you're a woman and would like to captain, please register as soon as you can (if you haven't already) so that we can ensure you're assigned a team. Once registration closes on April 15, if your lottery position is not low enough to make it into a league, you will be issued a refund for that league. 

Thanks everyone. We look forward to seeing discs flying in the air in a couple short months!