2018 TCUL Summer League Lottery/Registration - March 15

Summer ultimate is just around the corner! And with that comes the process of registering for summer league to get your flying plastic fix for the summer. This year TCUL will have 4 different league offerings: 

  • Co-ed league on Tuesdays
  • Co-ed advanced league on Thursdays
  • Co-ed master's league on Mondays
  • Men's league on Thursdays

Since we are limited on space for men in each of our 3 co-ed leagues, we are again having a lottery for male registrants into these leagues. We are making a few modifications to how registration and the lottery works this year in order to maximize the number of men who get to participate in at least one league.

The lottery sign-up for co-ed leagues will occur from March 15 to March 18 (please note, your lottery odds do not change based on the day you complete this form, thus signing up on the 15th has equal odds to signing up on the 18th).  This lottery sign-up period is only for MEN who wish to participate in one (or more) of the co-ed leagues. This is a different process than in years past. We are hosting a lottery sign-up for our co-ed leagues for male participants prior to open league registration to let our male participants understand which co-ed leagues they have made it into before open league registration. This will help out league organizers and league participants in a number of ways:

  • Males who want to participate in co-ed leagues will know which league(s) they made it into before league registration opens for both genders, so there is no question about whether or not a male is in the same league as a female carpool.  (Please note, initial league sizes are based on an estimation from last year's participant numbers; leagues may expand or contract based upon actual registrants this year)
  • Organizers will know if there is additional space for males in any of the co-ed leagues that can be opened for league registration after the lottery.
  • Male participants don't have to pay twice (with anticipated refund) when deciding on whether to overflow into men's league if they don't make it into Tuesday or Thursday's co-ed leagues through the lottery process--they can simply register for men's league once men's league registration opens if they didn't make it into their preferred league. 

The updated lottery sign-up for males will be very similar to registration in past years, but the key difference will be that males participating in the lottery will do two tasks beyond filling out the standard skills/availability questions--select which league(s) the participant is interested to play in with a stack ranking preference order, plus the opportunity to register for multiple leagues if capacity warrants it.  While it may seem like this lottery sign-up being separate from league registration is more work, it actually streamlines the process since you will only need to fill out a single form to complete a lottery sign-up for all of the co-ed leagues.  In years past you had to do a separate form for each league.  In addition the single page stack-ranking system should be more straightforward than the old registration statuses (primary, secondary, backup, overflow).

For women interested in participating in any co-ed leagues, we do not plan to host a lottery. League registration will open on March 20th for all co-ed leagues and men's leagues. Women are encouraged to sign-up early for the co-ed league(s) they are interested in - invite your friends, family and teammates! If there are not enough female registrations as years past, we may have to shrink leagues, so women, please sign up as soon as you know what leagues you can commit to after March 20. Additionally, if there is any remaining space for males in any of the co-ed leagues, those spots will also be available once league registration opens. As we've seen in years past, however, the likelihood of open male slots in co-ed leagues after the lottery ends is quite slim, so men interested in the co-ed leagues are urged to participate in the lottery process March 15 - 18th. For men interested in only playing men's league, this lottery process doesn't apply - sign up during league registration that opens on March 20th.

So, for those of you who skipped to the tl;dr section of this communication:

  • Lottery sign-up for men that want to play in co-ed leagues occurs March 15 - 18 (equal odds)
  • Lottery results issued on March 19
  • League registration for women, men's league, and any remaining co-ed male spots opens on March 20

If you have any questions, please email tcul@mnultimate.org