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Imperial Ultimate is a top Select Flight Men's team from Minnesota. Competition, Family, Ball so Hard.

Imperial Ultimate

St. Paul Swans

Being the Swans' second year in existence, we are still creating an identity for ourselves as a team. Here are our goals:

1. Maintain a positive and light-hearted atmosphere as we did last year and make an extra effort as a team to do this in adverse scenarios such as when we are losing or if there is bad weather. A positive attitude is everything.

2. Be a developmental team. We did not have organized practices with goals previously and will change that by having planned practices with pre-set goals for each practice. These goals are determined by our leadership team of 5-7 people.

3. Have yo. We have a packed schedule this year with 6 tournaments. We plan on having 2 of these be "fun" tournaments where being social and having a good time is our priority. The rest of the tournaments, while we want to maintain positivity and have fun, we are going to those tournaments for results.

Sub Zero

Sub Zero competes in the Pro Flight of the open division. Placing 7th at 2018 Nationals, Sub Zero looks to come back more polished in 2019 to #liveultimate and prove that we were #borntorise to the top of the division.


THE BODY is a WWE themed open team based in Minneapolis. The club was founded 4 years ago by captains Alex Kraft, Andrew Pipp, and Matt Racky.