Welcome back to Fall League!

Fall League 2015

Registration begins on August 1st at 9am. The league will once again host 48 teams this season. The first 48 RETURNING teams to register, pay, and roster a minimum of 6 men and 6 women will be guaranteed a spot in the league. New teams are also eligible to register, pay, and roster starting August 1st, but will not secure a spot until after the August 15th priority registration date passes.

Therefore, all new teams that want to play in the league should register and pay as soon as possible beginning August 1st at 9am. If we reach August 15th and the league has not yet reached 48 returning teams, we will accept new teams based upon payment time-stamps in the registration and payment process.

The cost per team is $300. The league requires teams to pay through the registration website via PayPal.


Fall League will run from Sunday September 13th through November 8th. Playoffs begin on November 1st with the championship tournament concluding Fall League on November 8th. All games are played at the Lake Nokomis Fields. Regular season game times will be played during three time slots between noon and 4:45pm. For scheduling purposes, teams with lower rankings will tend to have games in the early time slots, teams with middle rankings during the middle time slot, and upper ranked teams in the late time slot. Games go from 12-noon to 1:25pm, 1:40pm to 3:05pm, and 3:20pm to 4:45pm. Beginning in 2015, all games played in the final (3:20pm) time slot must enter a soft cap at 4:45pm and hard cap by 5pm (see timecap rules below). Rankings will change weekly based upon game results. To start the season, rankings will be determined by the Fall League board. Please read and familiarize yourself with the league rules.


Waivers must be on file for every player on your team. As a team captain, you are responsible for making sure that every player has signed a waiver, either electronically or via turning in a paper waiver. After Week 2, teams will not be allowed to play unless all registered players have submitted a signed waiver. Players may turn in a signed, paper waiver to Frisbee Central or they can sign their waiver online by logging in.


The following rules apply regarding rosters:
  • All players must be properly registered on a team to play with a signed waiver. It is the captain's responsibility to ensure that all players are properly listed on the roster - no exceptions.
  • New in 2015, captains can only select players that are registered with TCUL. You can no longer merely enter a name and email address to fill roster spots. If a player is not registered, it is the captain's responsibility to encourage new players to register with the league and sign the online waiver.
  • Players are only allowed to play on one team; a player can only be on one roster. The league enforces this rule for two reasons: 1) to encourage as many players as possible to play in the league; 2) so teams are not artificially better during the season due to players who will not be able to play with them during the playoffs, thus causing uneven matchups during the final tournament.
  • All players on a team's roster must play a minimum of two games in order to qualify to play during the playoffs (i.e. no ringers just for the playoffs) unless a team is savage
  • Fall League encourages teams to fill their rosters with players that are available for the majority of the season. Try not to have too many club players on your team, as it is not fair other teams if you are dominant one week and barely able to find enough players the next. See the section below titled Fall League Variations from USAU Rules for additional details about substitute players.
  • TCUL Fall League adopted the USA Ultimate policy regarding transgender identification. Players may select if they previously met the Minnesota State High School League (MSHSL) requirements. If you have questions about what gender to select when you register with the league, please contact the Fall League Board for advice. The Board has the discretion to make exceptions as needed, on a case-by-case basis.
  • Rosters must be finalized prior to October 1st. Prior to that date, players may be added to or deleted from a team's roster.

Fall League Variations from USAU Rules

All USAU 11th Edition rules apply to Fall League with the following exceptions:
  • Equipment Timeouts Players are able to call a short equipment timeout which does not count as a team timeout
  • Substitute Players The savage-plus-one rule applies throughout the entire Fall League season and playoffs. This means that subs are only allowed in order to bring a team to a maximum of 5 men and 4 women. Subs must be of equal skill to the player being replaced and must be announced to and agreed upon by the opposing captain prior to the game. If the team already has 5 men or 4 women available to play, then subs are not allowed. This rule trumps the two game requirement below. If a rostered player will be showing up late for the game, the captains can agree to a temporary sub. However, once the rostered player arrives the sub must stop playing.
  • Two Game Minimum All registered players must play in a minimum of two games during the regular season in order to play during the playoffs. While this is a tough rule to enforce, the league will rely upon the honor system and verification from opposing captains if necessary. The intent of this rule is to encourage teams to generate a relatively consistent level of play throughout the regular and post seasons, and to prevent ringers playing only in the playoffs.
  • Time Cap All games are to a score of 15, point-capped at 17 unless the scheduled game end time is reached first. Time caps are enforced for all games played during all time slots.
    • Fifteen minutes before the start of the next scheduled game, the time cap is applied. For clarity, time caps begin at 1:25pm, 3:05pm, and 4:45pm for each respective slot.
    • Apply the time cap immediately if the disc has not been pulled. If the disc is in play when the time cap is scheduled to begin, finish the point. If one team is ahead by two or more after the point is completed, the game is over. Otherwise, set a point-cap of leading score +1.
    • If the game has not finished by the time the next round is scheduled to begin, play will end at the next change of possession even if that means a tie. Your game is no more important than the next game scheduled to be played or the board member waiting to take home all of the cones.
    • Timeouts are not allowed once the time cap is scheduled to begin (i.e. no timeouts after 1:25pm, 3:05pm, or 4:45pm) except for legitimate equipment, injury, or technical timeouts.
    • **New for 2015** Final Timeslot Cap Games in the final timeslot are now capped. Soft cap begins at 4:45pm with a hard cap at 5pm. Daylight becomes an issue and long games make a Board member stay at the field until all games end (a thankless job). Captains playing a game in the final timeslot can agree to play a full game (not time capped) upon mutual agreement prior to the game. However, the captains must have their own set of cones to use and must return the league cones to Frisbee Central prior to the start of the game. We appreciate your attention to this new rule.
  • Minimum Gender Requirement Each team must have at least three men and three women on the field at all times. If a team does not have enough men or women to field a 4-3 line (does not supercede the 4 Women Rule below), it must either forfeit or play with less than 7 players but must play with at least 2 total players.
  • **Clarified for 2015** 4 Women Rule If both teams have at least one sub for each gender, points can be played 4F/3M (offense gets to choose whether 3 or 4 women will be on the line for the pull; defense must match). However, 4 women can not be forced upon teams that would therefore be savage if playing 4 women.
    • Example #1: Team A has 6 women while Team B has only 4 women. Team A cannot force Team B to play all 4 women at once, but the teams can agree to play 4 women if the captains agree prior to the game.
    • Example #2: Team A has 4 women and 3 men (savage both genders) while Team B has 4 women and 6 men. Technically Team A has enough to field a 4-3 women line, but in doing so would force Team B to play all of its women. Team A must play a 3-3 line or get a male sub so that Team B is not compelled to play all of its women purely because Team A doesn't have enough men.

Fields, Setup, and Takedown

  • All games are played at the Lake Nokomis Fields
  • Fields will be labeled 0 through 7 on the field map located both online and at Frisbee Central
  • The league will endeavor to mark the fields to aid captains in field setup. If the lines are hard to see, captains are encouraged to take a can of spray paint from Frisbee Central to re-mark the lines. Try not to make new markings, but only reinforce the old ones if they can be found.
  • The field cones will be setup for Week 1, but captains will be responsible for setting up their field cones thereafter. Please take note of field locations, refer to the field map located at Frisbee Central, and be mindful of captains needing to set up other fields. It is highly likely that you will not have a full-sized ultimate field due to space limitations. Please be rational and reasonable regarding this issue.
  • The price of winning is costly! Each winning captain of games in the final time slot is responsible for picking up cones and returning them to Frisbee Central. Delegating this responsibility to a teammate is encouraged so that captains can still accomplish your post-game captainly duties. Please also scan your field and others as you leave to make sure that equipment, clothes, and garbage are not left behind
  • Please police your own sideline after each game. Empty energy bottles and wrappers are common litter items found on sidelines. It often blows into the streets or Lake Nokomis when left behind. Please make it a part of your post-game cheer or efforts to clean up your sidelines

Tournament Sunday Rules

  • All games are point capped at 13 points, time capped at 70 minutes, whichever comes first. There is no halftime break but once the first team reaches 7 points a "mirror half" occurs (teams switch sides).
  • Soft time cap: none
  • Hard time cap: 70 minute games. A horn will be blown but captains/teams should officially call the 70 minute cap based on a mutually agreed-to device (cell phone, etc.). At the 70 minute mark finish the point. If tied after ending point, play one more point.
  • Time-outs: 1 per game (2 minute maximum). No timeouts allowed after 70 minute mark.
  • Prior to the A-bracket championship game, captains can agree to eliminate the time cap if it appears that darkness will not be a factor. It is beneficial for teams to find and have a Fall League board member present for any unusual captain agreements prior to the game.
  • All players must be properly registered and listed on a team's roster. Prior to the semi-final and final games for the A-bracket championship, a Fall League board member will verify the roster of each team during the pre-game captain's meeting.
  • If a team is found to have broken any of the tournament or league rules regarding rosters, the team will be automatically eliminated from championship contention. If a roster infraction is determined after a game has been played, the violating team will be stripped of any titles and or wins during the tournament. Those games will be officially listed as forfeits with all forfeit rules applying.


Please make every effort to avoid a forfeit. One forfeit will cause a team to lose its right to reserve a spot in next year's registration. Teams that forfeit twice in one season will be removed from the league and/or excluded from the playoffs, at the commissioner's discretion. In the event that one team is unable to field a team, captains should meet before the game to attempt to reach an agreement for playing at least a partial game with mixed players, even though one team will still officially forfeit. In the event that nobody from a team shows up for a scheduled game, the commissioner may consider it a double-forfeit and thereby remove that team from the league. Teams that are removed from the league by the commissioner will not be able to recover any prorated registration fees since field and insurance costs are non-recoverable. So please, make every effort to avoid a forfeit.

Lost & Found

The lost & found treasure chest gets very large each season, and most of it goes unclaimed. The league will send out a communication (to captains at the very least) each week with a list of lost & found items. If you lose an item, please notify your captain, a Fall League board member, or email the league. After two weeks, lost & found items will be donated to charity, added to the lost & found curator’s assets, or discarded properly.

Food, Alcohol, and Other Forms of Enjoyment

Food is allowed on the fields but alcohol and all forms of recreational drugs are prohibited by Minneapolis ordinance. Beyond any personal ramifications encountered from players caught using alcohol or drugs on the fields, the TCUL league could get banned from renting the fields and/or lose its liability insurance. There are many bars in South Minneapolis that can cater to your needs. Please frequent those establishments instead of bringing the party to the fields. This absolutely applies to Tournament Sunday as well.

Playoffs Brackets

2015 Fall League Champions

For a third straight year we had a windy tournament. Teams dealt with either a side-wind or upwind and downwind points. The championship came down to back-to-back champion South Squall B and long-time Anchorman devotees Eines Wals Scheide. It was time for a new A-bracket championship team:

Eines Wals Scheide - 2015 Fall League Champions

Eines Wals Scheide - 2015 Fall League Champions
  • A Division Champions: Eines Wals Scheide
  • 2 South Squall B
  • 3 United Crushers
  • 4 Moonshiners
  • 5 Big Bad Wood
  • 6 Team Tryhard
  • 7 Kirby Huck It
  • 8 Grass Monkeys
  • B Division Champions: This N That
  • 10 Smokin' Pixies
  • 11 ZU-BETCHA
  • 12 Summit Avenue All-Stars
  • 13 Triple Plaid
  • 15 Flying Pandas
  • 16 Naughty By Nurture
  • C Division Champions: Sweet Addiction
  • 18 Business Casual
  • 19 Hammer Time
  • 20 Disc Continued
  • 21 Figglebottom
  • 22 Oedipus & The Mamas Boys
  • 23 Mustache Militia
  • 24 Good Will Hucking
  • D Division Champions: Breakfast w/Screwdrivers
  • 26 Rough Sox
  • 27 MIAC All-Stars
  • 28 Oops!
  • 29 Discl3xia
  • 30 Papal Addiction
  • 31 St. Paul Charter Stars
  • 32 Dirt
  • E Division Champions: Motley Crew
  • 34 Thundercats
  • 35 Mothership
  • 36 Not Sure Yet
  • 37 Yetis
  • 38 Quagmire
  • 39 Vintage Plaid
  • 40 Hot Breath
  • F Division Participants:
  • 41 Deep Dish
  • 42 Cooper
  • 43 Dangerous Curves
  • 44 Short Circuit

2014 Fall League Champions

It should not have been a surprise that the final tournament was affected by cool temperatures and wind. Luckily the sun peaked out during the middle of the day and hot cider was available to all. Thank you to all of the teams and players that made it a great final tournament. We'll see you next year.

South Squall B - 2014 Back-to-Back Fall League Champions

South Squall B - 2014 Fall League Champions
  • A Division Champions: South Squall B
  • 2 United Crusher
  • 4 Grass Monkeys
  • 5 FlyingPandas
  • 6 Sweet Addiction
  • 7 Pants Party
  • 8 Team Tryhard
  • B Division Champions: Big Bad Wood
  • 10 Moonshiners
  • 11 Triple Plaid
  • 12 Summit Avenue All-Stars
  • 13 Hammer Time
  • 14 Business Casual
  • 15 This N That
  • 16 Smokin' Pixies
  • C Division Champions: Kirby Huck It
  • 18 ZU-BETCHA
  • 19 Breakfast with Screwdrivers
  • 20 Mustache Militia
  • 21 Oedipus & The Mamas Boys
  • 22 The Jane Fonda Workout
  • 23 Rough Sox
  • 24 Dirt
  • D Division Champions: Discl3xia
  • 26 Disc Continued
  • 27 Papal Addiction
  • 28 Hot Breath!
  • 29 St. Paul Charter
  • 30 Thundercats
  • 31 Quaqmire-Cardinal Bar
  • 32 Average Joes
  • E Division Champions: Mothership
  • 34 Oops!
  • 35 Not Sure Yet
  • 36 Yetis
  • 37 MIAC All-Stars
  • 38 Short Circuit
  • 39 The Huckstables
  • 40 MAUL
  • F Division Champions: Spinferno
  • 42 Moose Ultimate Sourthwest
  • 43 Stone Hands
  • 44 Vintage Plaid
  • 45 Cooper
  • 46 Deep Dish
  • 47 Disqualified - AU Gold
  • 48 Disqualified - Schuler Tree Service

2013 Fall League Champions

2013 was another great season of ultimate frisbee. Tournament Sunday was cool and especially windy, favoring the strong-armed and patient over the teams that lived by speed and the big huck. The final standings are below:

South Squall B - 2013 Fall League Champions

South Squall B - 2013 Fall League Champions
  • A Division Champions: South Squall B
  • 3 Shark Bait
  • 4 Grass Monkeys
  • 5 Panda Watch
  • 6 Moonshiners
  • 7 Team Tryhard
  • B Division Champions: Big Bad Wood
  • 10 Sweet Addiction
  • 11 Triple Plaid
  • 12 Summit Avenue All-Stars
  • 13 Hammer Time
  • 14 This N That
  • 15 Breakfast with Screwdrivers
  • 16 Disc Continued
  • C Division Champions: Oedipus and the Mamas Boys
  • 18 Smokin' Pixies
  • 19 Beyond Thunderdome
  • 20 Mustache Militia
  • 21 Rough Sox
  • 22 Papal Addiction
  • 23 Dirt
  • 24 The Huckstables
  • D Division Champions: Business Casual
  • 26 Hot Breath
  • 27 Scantily Plaid
  • 28 Dino Discers
  • 29 Oops
  • 30 MIAC All-Stars and Brian
  • 31 AU Gold
  • 32 Yetis
  • E Division Champions: Mothership
  • 34 St. Paul Charter
  • 35 Thundercats
  • 36 Not Sure Yet
  • 37 Quagmire - Cardinal Bar
  • 38 Average Joes
  • 39 Cookies on the Force Side
  • 40 Stone Hands
  • F Division Champions: Spinferno
  • 42 Moose Ultimate Sourthwest
  • 43 Vintage Plaid
  • 44 Central Revolution
  • 45 Short Circuit
  • 46 MAUL
  • 47 Cold Front
  • 48 Cooper
  • G Division Contenders:
  • South Squall A
  • Game of Throws
  • Henry Sibley
  • Rezonate

2012 Fall League Champions

Thank you to all participants and parents for a great 2012 season. Tournament Sunday was cool but delightful and provided a great backdrop for some great ultimate games. Special congratulations go out to each of our bracket champions. The final standings are below:

Team Tryhard - 2012 Fall League Champions

Team Tryhard - 2012 Fall League Champions
  • A Division Champions: Team Tryhard
  • 2 Shark Bait
  • 4 Moonshiners
  • 5 Whore Island
  • 6 The Big Bad Wood
  • 7 Sweet Addiction
  • 8 Triple Plaid
  • B Division Champions: South Squall B
  • 10 Summit Avenue All-Stars
  • 11 Grass Monkeys
  • 12 Zu-betcha!
  • 13 Oedipus and the Mama's Boys
  • 14 Hammer Time
  • 15 BreakFast with Screwdrivers
  • 16 Papal Addiction
  • C Division Champions: Rough Sox
  • 18 DiscContinued
  • 19 Dirt
  • 20 Smokin' Pixies
  • 21 This N That
  • 22 Thundercats
  • 23 Oops!
  • 24 Dino Discers
  • D Division Champions: Business Casual
  • 26 Hot Breath
  • 27 Waldo
  • 28 Quagmire - Cardinal Bar
  • 29 Help Desk
  • 30 Mothership Connection
  • 31 AU Gold
  • 32 Stone Hands
  • E Division Champions: Average Joes
  • 34 Central Revolution
  • 35 Yetis
  • 36 Short Circuit
  • 37 Bullets to the Cone
  • 38 South Squall A
  • 39 Moose Ultimate Southwest
  • 40 Vintage Plaid
  • F Division Champions: Buffalo
  • 42 Rezonate
  • 43 Cold Front
  • 44 F-ing Awesome
  • 45 Henry Sibley Warriors

2011 Fall League Champions

We had a very successful 2011 tournament on  Sunday Nov. 6, despite windy weather. Some great ultimate was played and the following teams played their way to championships in their respective playoff divisions:

  • A Division: Triple Plaid
  • B Division: Sweet Addiction
  • C Division: South A
  • D Division: Oops
  • E Division: Central Revolution
  • F Division: Cold Front

Triple Plaid - 2011 Fall League Champions

Triple Plaid - 2011 Fall League Champions